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Coffee Roasting Machine For Coffee Shops 1,5 KG

The point where your aesthetic meets with technology ... Kuban Coffee Roasting Machine meets all industrial and professional needs. Capacity options suitable for the operator, excellent results in roughness The result is the preference of those seeking perfection.
SKU: KBN1000M-1,5
Manufacturer: Kuban
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Adjustable RPM of Drum

Drum RPM can be set from 30 rpm to 70 rpm

Single or Double Wall Drum

Kuban roaster drums are made of optional double or single wall for consistency of roasting profile.



Adjustable Flame Level

During process of coffee profile, you can adjust the flame level of the roaster.

Heating Source

LPG-LNG-Natural Gas-Diesel-Electric


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Kuban offers PLC touchscreen controller with its software as optional with the machines.
User can create their own unique roasting profile.

Control Types

Kuban Roasters are produced with manual, semi-automatic.

Plug & Play Feature

PLC controller has “Plug & Play” feature that is compatible with advanced roasting softwares for PC.


Our roasters are customized in terms of colour, finishing, brand name, electric (voltage and frequency), heating source and language preferences.












1.5 KG

87 x 127 x 115


110 - 220 - 230 - 380 - 415V

50 – 60 Hz

LPG - Natural Gas - LNG

Thermal transfer


0,72 KW

Optional PLC System

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Picture of Coffee Roasting Machine For Coffee Shops 1,5 KG

Coffee Roasting Machine For Coffee Shops 1,5 KG

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