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About us

As Kuban Machine, we design innovation and aesthetic principles in a passionate world of coffee, with high-quality coffee processing machines and love.

With the knowledge of coffee processing is an art; we are producing the best artists for you, our customers.

With the 'New Model of Coffee Grinder', we changed coffee grinding culture from beginning to the end and offered practical solutions to the users.

Kuban grinder, has vertical motors and does not leave coffee residue, which belongs to us, tried to be coppied by well-established firms, but it has never been as successful as its original form.

We have been able to blend the unique feel of traditional coffee roasting with the technology and provide to create great tastes with a single finger movement.

We supply you the most delicious taste of the coffee in the most aesthetic way and proved ourselves in all our works, with the acknowledgement confirmation documents of the world.

As Kuban Machine, we work hard every day to make millions of coffee enthusiasts happy.

We send our work, which we have done with love, far and wide and we find pleasure in sharing our passion with millions.